Lead Magnet Liftoff:

A 5 Day Crash Course to Unlock the Power of Irresistible Lead Magnets for Your Travel Brand

- A “crash course” on how to create lead magnets that attract your tribe- How much is enough?- The 5 biggest mistakes most travel content creators make (and how to avoid them)

Everything you need to create killer lead magnets that’ll attract more of the right people (who’ll be hungry to buy whatever you’re selling)

Written by Adam Fraiel, Email Marketing Specialist for multiple international travel brands

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Day 1: Why generic opt-ins are white noise for the eyes, and how to create copy that popsDay 2: Why focusing on quantity over quality is costing you (and the true metric to chase)Day 3: How much value is enough?Day 4: Upselling isn't a dirty wordDay 5: They're on your list. Now what?